Francisco Simplicio 1926 guitar SOLD

Francisco Simplicio 1926 guitar

Year: 1926 – number 103. Labeled, addressed and dated by the maker.

Body: Cuban mahagony

Front: Spruce with a well-recognized rosette of the maker

Tuners: Original

Scale: 650mm with 19 frets on the ebony fingerboard.

Neck Width: 50 mm at the nut

Weight: 1380 grams

Condition: The condition is excellent. The table has no cracks.

Price: Inquire


1- History

This Francisco Simplicio 1926 guitar has impressive woodworking. Indeed, it is one of the most ornate Francisco Simplicio guitars.

Francisco Simplicio was one of the most important Spanish makers of the first half of the 20th century. Actually, he is the only student and successor to Enrique Garcia. He worked in both Madrid and later, Barcelona.

Curiously, it is when he lost his job as an expert cabinet maker with the firm of Masriera y Vidal of Barcelona, that Simplicio began in 1919 his guitar making career with Enrique Garcia.

So, at that time, Simplicio had acquired for 18 years the skills of woodworking.

When Enrique Garcia his master instructor passed away in 1922, Francisco Simplicio became the owner of the famous shop. Then he started rising as one of the top makers in the industry, his fame came to the top. He won the prestigious prize at the International Exposition of Barcelona, Spain.

Totally, Simplicio made 336 guitars between 1922 and his death on January 14th, 1932.

So, he made about 34 guitars per year.

Even if his son Miguel and his daughter Josefa helped him, it is an important rate of production.

The simple Simplicio guitars carried normal levels of decoration, and his deluxe models were time-consuming lavish ornamentation.

2- Francisco Simplicio 1926 guitar :

The back and ribs of this Francisco Simplicio 1926 guitar are in Cuban mahogany, the table is in spruce.

Therefore, the tone of this guitar is soft, velvet-like, clarity in the trebles. The response is immediate and the projection is huge.

This guitar is numbered 103. It is labeled, signed and dated by the maker. The machine heads are original and work well.

The sound is particularly magnificent, charming and deep, with a big bottom-end and lyrical trebles. This is among the better-sounding Simplicio’s I have ever hear.

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