Marcelo BARBERO 1944 early master guitars


This Marcelo BARBERO 1944 early master guitars has Rio back ans sides.

Marcelo Barbero was born in Madrid in 1904. Marcelo was trained by José Ramirez II, and gave José Ramirez III his initial lessons in guitar building. When Santos Hernandez died in 1943, Marcelo went to his widow to see about taking over her husband’s old shop. She employed Marcelo Barbero first to complete some guitars that Santos had left partially built, and then to make guitars for her. Marcelo Barbero trained Arcángel Fernández.

After the death of Santos Hernandez, Barbero was hired by Santos’ widow, Mathilda Ruiz, to complete outstanding orders that remained unfinished. Working out of Santos’ workshop at the famous Aduana 23 location, Barbero completed construction of several guitars, using Santos’ parts and tools. Barbero is the only maker in history to have been in this unique position, and it was here that he learned first-hand, many of the secrets that Santos kept to himself during his lifetime. This rare flamenco guitar is just one of these instruments, hence it bears the label “Viuda de Santos Hernandez.”

The condition is excellent considering the age. The guitar has Rio back and sides which is rare for a Marcelo Barbero guitar. Playability is superb and the sound is very sweet, round and deep.

Marcelo Barbero is considered by many to be amongst a handful of the most revered, legendary flamenco makers of the 20th century. His classical guitars are extremely rare and much admired. It is light in weight and deep in bass voice with a clear, penetrating treble like the earlier 20th century guitars.

This Marcelo BARBERO 1944 early master guitars is highly collectible and wonderful for performing in recital or recording environments, this guitar rates in the top class.

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