Ludwig Reisinger 1863 guitar


  • scale length: 640 mm.
  • body length: 440
  • total overall length: 930
  • body width (at heel): 60 (at middle bout): 80 (at lower bout): 75
  • fingerboard thickness (at nut): 15. (at 12th fret): 20
  • fingerboard width (at nut): 45 (at 12th fret): 55
  • tuning keys: mechanical; keys: ivory

Price: 7500€


Ludwig Reisinger (b. July 15, 1863) : guitar from the latter quarter of the 19th-Century (no date), bought from a private collection in Vienna. Reisinger was a student of Ignaz Johann Bucher. Bucher was a student of Johann Georg Staufer who also taught C.F. Martin before Martin moved to the US, which makes this instrument an exceptional find.

Reisinger was one of the most celebrated Viennese builders of the late 19th-Century. Documentation on this builder is below. This instrument is a priceless find for a guitarist performing 19th-Century music or an investor/collector of rare instruments. The tone is typically sharp and brilliant. The volume, even considering the size of the body, is loud and the playability is very easy.